What is the Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance?

The Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance (HMOTA) is an organization of occupational therapists throughout the United States, Australia and the world that specialize in home modifications. The occupational therapists in the Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance are dedicated to on-going learning of leading edge technology and research in the realm of home modifications, safety, technology, products, design and fall prevention.

Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance Services:

  • Home evaluations including evaluation of the activities of daily living, functional mobility skills, and the home.
  • Recommendations for short-term and long-term home modifications based on diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations to significantly reduce the costs of home modifications.
  • Home automation recommendations to allow for technology to overcome physical and cognitive barriers in the home.
  • Design parameters for builders and designers to define disability requirements to ensure home modifications are custom to the user’s needs and not based on general knowledge of general ADA adaptations. Research shows home modifications with recommendations from an OT significantly reduces injury in the home and attendant care costs.
  • Design consultation with designers and builders to ensure the house is tailored to the user’s needs. This helps reduce reconstruction costs and attendant care costs in the long run.
  • Expert witness, home modification occupational therapists are subject matter experts to assist juries in making informed decisions regarding requirements for attendant care and home modifications for accessiblity.
  • Attendant care requirements, home modification OT’s are qualified, recognized as experts in defining attendant care requirements for people who are aging or disabled.

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