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Improving Safety and Independence

The occupational therapy home modification evaluation is to identify and make recommendations to alleviate barriers to safety and independence based on specific client/family needs and client diagnosis and prognosis.  This ensures the home modification will be safe and effective in the short-term and the long-term reducing injury and costs.

The occupational therapist’s greatest contribution is the perspective of the specific user. They understand the abilities and limitations of an individual and can inform the architect, designer, and the general contractor about the unique needs of the individual and help them think holistically. As a trained architect, I know most of the design world focuses on generic standards for accessibility. – Adam Griff Architect

 HMOTA reports:  The level of complexity and medical justification of HMOTA reports varies based on client/insurance company requirements.   Below are critical features often included in reports that are required for Workman’s comp insurance, Auto insurance or litigation. 

  • Functional evaluation of client’s mobility and activities of daily living.
  • In depth evaluation of interior and exterior of home.
  • Short-term and long-term recommendations for home modifications and adaptive equipment based on diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Photos and videos of the current home to illustrate accessibility issues.
  • Basic bathroom redesign.
  • Ramp design.
  • Home automation recommendations.
  • Construction specifications to allow for quotes for work to be obtained without sharing private medical information.
  • Attendant care requirements with medical justification.
  • Design parameters for architects and designers to base designs.
  • Design review reports for in-process designs.

 HMOTA OT’s will provide adaptive equipment and good-looking accessible fixtures to ensure the project is accessible.

ADA vs OT recommendations for accessible design

ADA is a list of guidelines developed by the federal government for commercial buildings to allow people of all abilities access.

Home Mod OT recommendations for accessible design is based specifically on client needs so the environment is tailored specifically to the accentuate individual’s strengths and decrease limitations for increased satisfaction, mobility and independence

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