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Why work with a home modification occupational therapist?

Builders know construction, architects and designers know design and home modification occupational therapists know home accessibility.
Each profession has it’s own set of expertise. A great project requires a great team.

There is no effective ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to home modifications for people who are aging or who have disabilities, which causes headaches and perplexity. A home modification occupational therapist can assist in ensuring the home modifications will be safe and tailored to your client’s needs-making everyone involved in the project look good. 🙂

Home Modification Occupational Therapists bring the following to the team:

  • Expertise in tailoring home modifications to the specific needs of the individual based on their diagnosis/function.
  • Ability to compete on quality not price.
  • Access and trust of people aging-in-place and with debilitating conditions.
  • Income for evaluations and off set costs of putting together a bid or design.
  • Expertise in requirements and placement of fixtures for accessibility.
  • Expert credibility for your business.
  • In depth knowledge of debilitating conditions and aging, allowing for recommendations that work in the short-term and the long-term.
  • Ability to recommend, to procure, and to fit adaptive equipment to help ensure the project’s success and safe, independent clients.
  • Reduce redesign time and callbacks by helping you get it right the first time.
  • Knowledge of good-looking, accessible fixtures such as designer grab bar/faucet suites.

The occupational therapist’s greatest contribution is the perspective of the specific user. They understand the abilities and limitations of an individual and can inform the architect, designer, and the general contractor about the unique needs of the individual and help them think holistically. As a trained architect, I know most of the design world focuses on generic standards for accessibility. – Adam Griff Architect

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